Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday 10th May - Gone Fishing

We drove into Bandar this morning to visit the Chinese Taoist Temple - it looks quite out of place, surrounded by modern buildings. We then walked through the riverside market, which was mainly food, and full of many different smells - some nicer than others!

We walked from the market to the Royal Regalia Museum, most of the exhibits being gifts given to the Sultan by the people of Brunei, and from other countries. On display was the chariot used to carry the Sultan during his Silver Jubilee celebrations along with models of the 64 guards who carried it (well pushed it along, as it is on wheels) It must have been a fantastic sight.

After a coffee in DeRoyalle, we went back to the apartment to pick up Steve's fishing gear, then drove to Kota Batu. There are wooden jetties leading to little shelters overlooking Brunei Bay. The view was lovely, but the sky was black and we were sure we would get soaked. We could see the rain heading towards us down river, but luckily it stayed on the opposite side to us. Unfortunately Steve didn't catch any fish, although one or two ate the prawns he was using as bait!

Before going back home we stopped in Bandar for coffee and to have a look in a few shops - I bought some beads - as well as the 24 hour street market that's on every Saturday.

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