Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tuesday 6th May - Exploring

We ventured into deepest Brunei today, driving via Tutong to Tasek (Lake) Merimbun. We stopped for breakfast on the way - Steve had noodles with seafood, and I had Nasi Goreng - a very different breakfast, but delicious!!

We eventually managed to find the lake; it had a big wooden visitor centre, showing examples of all the wildlife that could be found at the lake, including a grasshopper that was 6 inches long! I was hoping we weren't going to meet any of them.

We decided against doing the whole 1.8k walk as it was very hot, so we walked through the forest for about 20 minutes until we came to the viewing platform that looked out over the lake. It was beautiful and peaceful - all you could hear were birds and insects. I've never seen so many dragonflies and butterflies in one place. The lake is a 'black water' lake, which is actually a dark brown. The colour comes from the tannin in the leaves that fall into it. We stayed there quite a while, just enjoying the view and the peace, before starting walk back. Although it was a short walk, most of it was uphill, and by the time we got back to the car, my head was buzzing and sweat was pouring from me. It made me a bit concerned about the trip into the rainforest in Temburong - I hope I'm going to make it!!

We started the journey back home, stopping in Tutong for a couple of photos, and then making a detour to Seri Kenangan Beach. This beach sits on a spit of land between the Tutong River and the South China Sea. It was extremely beautiful, and completely deserted. It seem such a shame that these beautiful places don't seem to be used. There is very little tourism in Brunei, so the usual areas that the tourists would go to are very quiet. On the other hand, maybe if these beaches were busier, they wouldn't seem so beautiful?

After another visit to the Royal Brunei Recreation Club, we went back home to chill out. While standing on the balcony, vodka in hand, we spotted some monkeys in the trees opposite - a brilliant sight and the perfect end to a lovely day.

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