Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wednesday 14th May - Recovering

I woke up expecting to be aching all over today after yesterday's exertions, but felt suprisingly OK. Even so, we decided to take it easy - after all, we deserved a rest!!

We went to have a look at Muara beach. Another beautiful beach, but as with all the other beaches, it was deserted, but this appeared to be more family friendly as there is a park behind it with picnic facilities, and there appeared to be some improvements going on as well.

Steve decided to try his hand at fishing again, and as the spot we went to before, at Kota Batu, was so lovely we went back there again. Unfortunately Steve didn't manage to catch anything (again!) There were a lot of helicopters flying around, and we wondered if they were searching for someone, but we later found out it was all part of an army exercise for the Prince of Jordan who was visiting Brunei for a few days.

As the day went on, I could feel my calf muscles seizing up, and by the end of the day, I could hardly walk downstairs - and I thought I'd got away with it, no such luck!

We popped into Gadong in the evening, and before visiting the market for our dinner, we stopped in a coffee bar - big mistake! While we were in there, it absolutely poured with rain, so we were facing the prospect of yet another visit to the market in the rain!

When we got there, most of the stalls were packing up, but we still managed to find something delicious to take home!

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